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How to pump up your legs at home

Hello friends!

With you again, your favorite coach – Denis Semenikhin. And today we will talk about how to properly train leg muscles at home. Legs are sacred, because everyone can train arms, and it takes willpower to train legs.

To be convinced of this, it is enough to do one classic exercise – “lunges with steps forward.” This exercise is used as a warm-up in any sport. For this exercise you need space to move around without difficulty. 5-6 meters in length will be enough.
You need to do an even number of times so that each leg receives the same load. I usually take no more than 20 steps per set.

Technique for performing an exercise for lunges:

  • Place your foot between steps
  • The balance is caught
  • The next step is taken
  • Putting on the leg
  • Catching balance
  • and take another step and thus need to be done 20 times.

You can do this exercise as a single one, that is, only 4 lunges in a row, or you can combine it with super series. And for this I will show you the following exercise.

The second exercise for the muscles of the legs.

We take a platform, about knee-high, you can use a chair, but you need to make sure that it does not fall or break.

First, I’ll show you what will happen during this exercise.

We put our foot on the platform completely so that the heel is supported. Then we push off and rise on this leg, just like on the stairs. The knee is not fully straightened. We lower ourselves smoothly to the ground again, without removing our foot from the chair. Now we do the same for the other leg. When lifting, be sure to exhale.

I showed you how to do this exercise without weight. Of course, it can be done with additional load, but to start training you can also use your own weight.

And the last exercise for finishing the leg muscles.

It will target the back of the thigh, the pelvic stabilizers, and the extensor muscles in the back. The exercise itself is called the one-legged stand.

Execution technique:

  • We take a dumbbell
  • Stand on one leg
  • We lower the body
  • Catching balance
  • And slightly raise and lower the dumbbells.

Together with such a question, “How to pump up legs”, we will consider the second question – why is it necessary to train stabilizer muscles?

Let’s say you are skateboarding, longboarding or surfing, the basic stance is keeping your balance on the board. The last exercise will help you stand more confidently on the board.