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Hello friends!

Your coach, Denis Semenikhin, is with you. And today, as I promised you, I will tell you how to properly and quickly pump your hands. I always use super series, that is, I train my arm muscles as intensely as possible with minimal pauses between sets. This is an important moment for achieving the depth of muscle development and creating relief.

I’ll show you exercises using a stone, but this is in case you don’t have the opportunity to go to the gym. Of course, sports equipment can be used for these exercises.I took a stone weighing about 7-8 kg, but select your weight for these exercises.

So, we get over to pumping hands.

The first exercise is the biceps lift you all know.

We take in our hands any heavy object (in our case, a stone will protrude) and begin to do as shown in the pictures. You should exhale at the moment when you raise your hand up.

At the bottom point, I suggest taking a short pause to stretch the muscle. This is necessary so that the muscle bundles are torn more. It is because of the rupture of these bundles that the muscles increase.

But do not think that everything will be as familiar as you have read or seen somewhere before. Because now we will combine exercises with each other without resting AT ALL! And this is the most important thing. The technique of execution is not so important, dynamics is more important.

When you feel that fatigue begins to appear in the muscles, then move on.

The second exercise is called Kickbacks, that is, triceps. You don’t need to count how many times you do, you need to feel it on the characteristic muscle pain.

The main thing in this exercise is to try to take your hand back, and not somewhere to the side. Otherwise, the meaning of this method disappears, and you wasted time trying to quickly

IMPORTANT!!! The first two exercises should be done both on the right and on the left hand immediately and only after that move on to the third point.

After that, we immediately proceed to the third exercise – push-ups with a narrow grip from the bench or simply from the ground.

It is important to follow the technique in this exercise. Try to stop at the top point when you go up (picture on the left). Be sure to exhale on the rise.

If it seems to you that you are doing too few reps, then it’s okay, since this is a super series, where muscles are clogged much faster, but on the other hand, the efficiency of pumping any types of muscles increases significantly.

Such a combination of exercises, without stopping for that, it gives rise to completely different sensations. If you have not tried the super series yet, then this will be new to you.

After push-ups, you can finish off the triceps with the first and second exercises if you feel that the muscles have begun to return to normal a little.

After such finishing of muscles, your hands should “fall off”. There are 4 such approaches! And you need to do this 3-4 times a week. Another important plus of this super series is that they can be done not only in the gym, but also on the street using improvised means.

This concludes the review of the exercise for quick pumping of the arm muscles.